Auditing Supplier Changes

To help you better manage the risk around updates to your supplier records, we have added audit capability so that all changes are recorded and transparent. Communities now have to an Audit History tab on each Supplier which tracks the date a change was made, which user made it, and what section of the Supplier was changed. You can use this to ensure changes are being made as per your business policy, and help assess any areas that need further investigation.

Select all lines on an Invoice

To allow you to process invoices more efficiently, we have added the ability to select and deselect all the lines you want to Invoice, rather than selecting them all individually. 

We've also tidied up the fields at the top of the invoicing screens to better slot in the new Remittance Address and Payment Term fields.

Review and Manage Supplier Profile Updates

Keeping your supplier records up to date and accurate is increasingly important for compliance, but it's also a lot of manual work. Building on our recent supplier improvements, we now offer Communities a more effective process for reviewing and managing profile updates from suppliers. Our new review process gives you the opportunity to view and compare updates from suppliers with the information you currently hold. You can then choose to amend your records with the supplier's changes or keep the information you have. This gives you more visibility and greater control over the information, without the need to enter it yourself. 

Lite Suppliers have also been aligned to Registered suppliers so that all the same information such as a bank account can also be managed directly on a lite supplier.

But I still need to update my finance system...

The good news is that we will soon be adding a new automated supplier extract so you can push supplier profile updates directly into your finance system. Simply review the changes and once updated the new profile data can automatically flow into your finance system without further review or manual entry.

If you would like the supplier review process enabled, or to try it out in Demo, please contact your account manager.

Updated Community Supplier Management

To make it easier to manage supplier information we have made significant changes to community supplier management. This includes new supplier Contacts changes, as well as new tabs for Profile, Payments, Settings and other information. It also includes the ability for administrators to define community specific remittance addresses and contacts on both Registered and Lite suppliers.

The changes to supplier management are still in process, however over the coming weeks we will also be introducing the ability to manage more information on Lite suppliers and a process to review, compare and save profile information submitted from your registered suppliers. The end result is increased visibility and flexibility around the information you capture on your suppliers.

Suppliers - Contact & Address Management

We have separated the Contacts, Emails and Address management on Suppliers to make managing these details simpler and allow for many remittance addresses per customer.

Suppliers can set default values on their profile, and independently configure customers as needed.

Supplier Export - New Format

The Supplier Export available in Community Administration has been updated with more information, including default contact information, payment terms, tax and banking information related to the supplier. 

We are also working on options to schedule a report of suppliers via the Transaction Runs, which will be released soon.

Payment Terms

Communities now have the ability to create and maintain Payment Terms. Common Payment Terms like NET30 (payment required in 30 days) or 20M (payment due on the 20th of each Month) can be configured at a community and a supplier level. 

Once setup, the default Payment Term will appear on any supplier or integration created invoices, and be available for selection on Invoices you create.

Payment Terms can also be specified per Supplier on the new Settings tab.

View Spend

You might have seen our new menu, View Spend, in the Marketplace. This menu is available to all users, and helps you keep track of your committed spend at a Community or specific organization level. Use the various columns to get a quick view of what has been invoiced, and what you have received but not yet invoiced (GRNI). It also provides a breakdown of any Shipping Costs .

You can also get the results from this screen into a CSV file, using our Export Spend function:

Contracts Export

It's now possible to export Contracts into a CSV file from the View Contracts menu. Select a Contract Type and the appropriate filters, and we will generate a report like we currently do for Order and Invoice exports. The export is designed to include all key information from your contracts, including any form fields you have configured.

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